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About Us

Create your box and then destroy it!
Create your truth and then destroy it!
Create your reality and then destroy it!
Create your Fashion and then destroy!
                                             -POSSE RIOT


The regenerative nature of creativity is what allows us to be progressive, that we are able to hold and let go, create destroy and then create again is the single most distinctive and inherent nature of Power and Control, Super heroism and divinity.

The use of this power to create our reality is one of the most important gifts that we can learn. That we can be whom we want as long as we are not hurting anyone else is the true Freedom of Being.

We live in a world that is filled with extreme judgment, we judge each other by how we look, or how we don’t look. We formulate labels that categorize us in heirichal order from good to bad. But what if we lived in a world that allows us all to be who we choose to be, who we want to be? What if the world learned to embrace individuality and stopped the condemnation of others that looked different, behaved different… 

At Posse Riot we have dedicated our lives to being the “other” to being the one that stands on their own individual standard of Self, whether it is to be extreme or demure, whether we choose to be artistic or technical, whether it is a movement of curvature or of straight lines.

We move in our own style. We are passionate about the ability to express who we are at any given moment in time, whatever that may be; we own our lives.



The Modem of Expressions are endless, we are constantly in modes of communication with one another, whether it be intentional or otherwise. We express our truth in various ways. These modes range and span through time, culture and social standing. We are constantly sending out and receiving information from our environment, both negative and positive. Which mode we choose to communicate through is part of "The” defining force of our identity.

There is Art (literature, Painting, music, dance, theatre, agriculture, religion etc.), there is Math (geometry, architecture, physics, astronomy, medicine etc.) and there is Fashion.

To be Fashionably expressive is our Weapon of Choice. We choose to be explosive with our clothes rather than with our words. We choose to be religiously convicted about our fashion rather than to be dogmatically ritualistic with anything else, we choose to be impactful with our style as if it were an action. We choose to be passionate about trims, buttons, zippers, layering, fabric mixing, stich lines, and heel heights.

Our Weapon is the expression of style and the ability to correctly communicate our message with our fellow man.


Fuck Glamour! Long Live Creativity!
Fuck Hollywood! Long Live Good Taste!
Fuck Industry! Long Live Individuality!
Fuck Realism! Long Live the Dream!
                                                     -POSSE RIOT


To be clear we are serious about creating a boutique that provides the tools for the self-expression of style. This is the only rule we hold ourselves accountable to, and of course to do it with great and diligent customer service.

Our wish is to be a leading voice of the dynamism of Fashion. That we give our local and global community the opportunity to express their choice of being with conviction and style! That we accomplish this is our only care and desire, that we do it with clarity, respect and conviction our only choice.



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